Hardware Headset Microphone records noises straight from my computer


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I have been experiencing this problem for ages, and I haven't been able to find a single fix. Basically, when I play a youtube video or my friends speak in a call, my microphone will pick up that noise. It cant be an issue with my headset being too loud/close to the microphone because my microphone will still echo noise even when my headset is deafened. I get a temporary fix when I re-plug in my mic and headset, but that also doesn't work sometimes. I have tried pretty much every solution on the web and nothing works. In fact, I just plain can't. Examples of solutions I have tried:
-turn off hot mic
-mute microphone in speaker settings
-a lot of other things which I cannot recall off the top of my head
If someone can give me an answer to this issue, I will be forever grateful. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, not enough info to make any definitive suggestion. Per Microsoft:

" [SIZE=5]Fix sound problems in Windows 10[/SIZE]
  • Run the audio troubleshooter
  • Fix your audio driver
  • Check cables, volume
  • Set default device
  • Turn off Audio Enhancements
  • Try different audio formats
  • Restart to apply installed updates
  • If you have no sound after installing updates
  • For help fixing audio or sound problems, try the audio troubleshooter. It might be able to fix audio problems automatically.
  • To run the troubleshooter: select the Start Windows logo Start button button, type audio troubleshooter in the search box, select Find and fix audio playback problems from the list of results"