Help! Acer notebook problems

By heyshane
Nov 4, 2008
  1. I have an Acer Aspire Notebook I bought two years ago. I had this problem once, under warranty, which was fixed by Acer. Now it has happened again and I don't know what to do...

    When I turn it on, the screen may stay black, it may go through the 'check program', it may start displaying a screen saver, or...
    like it usually does...
    the computer will go to the login screen, but the touchpad or keyboard will be completely unresponsive. I can't move the mouse, I can't type my password in, I can't do ANYTHING....

    SO... What's going on with it?? Is there something I can do?? This is my only computer, so please help...
    Thank you,
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  2. CCT

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    2 year old Acer laptop out of warranty and a repeat mis-performer.

    Check the cooling vents are CLEAN! I mean REALLY CLEAN! Suck the crud out with a vaccuum cleaner.

    Contact Acer, ask them what they did (you'll obviously have the references).
  3. bcceo

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    I too would clean out the heat disapation screen by using a vaccume, i would also look at plugging in a usb keyboard and mouse to see if its the periferal, or the programming. if these work go to your hardware manager and uninstall your Pci buss AKA ( view, click by connection, check + next to microsoft compliant ... then check +next to Pci buss, select Pci buss right click it and uninstall , when its done it will say it needs to restart,alow it to do so and upon restart it will re-load the drivers on pretty much everything in your computer..) This has worked for me in the past
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