Help: computer troubles.

By lilim1990
Jan 25, 2010
  1. alright i was played my computer last night, then went to the restroom, came back and it had rebooted itself, then again a couple minutes later. so i did really think much of it, shut down and went to sleep. then this morning i turn it on and it comes to a blue stop screen saying a few things like:

    (big line of other stuff saying to deactivate shadowing on the cache and whatnot)
    technical information:
    pciidex.sys address F7890D94 base at F7890000 date stamp 41107b4c

    but anyway, i try doing my usual method of resolving my computer problems and reinstalling the operating system(windows xp) and the after the blue screen finished copying its files, it goes the the windows logo screen with the blue bar that runs through the middle and then it freezes there, reboots, and repeats. so i tried a new hard drive that had been sitting around for awhile and it did the same thing. so that leads me to believe its probably a hardware problem. if this is anything important which is the best i could come up with, its that the cpu might've been damaged, cos i took off the heatsink fan and cleaned it this morning...there was about 1/8 inch of dust covering all the slots lol...anyway i think the cpu might be ruined, but that's just me...anyone help please? thanks very much.

    also, one other thing last night is that on the screen where it says press 'del' for bios it said cpu over-temperature. so that's another reason that i think the cpu may be the reason.
  2. mailpup

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    When you removed the heatsink to clean the dust off, did you clean the thermal compound and reapply fresh compound? If not, don't run your PC until you do.
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