Help figure out 3d game crash problem

By togified
Feb 20, 2010
  1. symptoms: Whenever i play certain games that require heavy load in graphic, after about 15-60 min the screen would go blank, either grey, black or orangish, the sound would continue for 1-2 sec and goes into a machine gun like sound loop. The computer would lock up and i would have to restart. When i restart my monitor would get no signal and would have to leave the computer off for 10-15 min before turning it back on for my monitor to display.

    My computer runs fine for months without turning it off when i play games like starcraft 2 beta, heroes of newerth, silkroad online (5 different clients which brings my ram up to 70-85% running and runs for a week straight) i also did a memtest86 and have some mem error i dont know if it is the cause of the crash since i run other things and it runs fine.

    Only when i play heavy graphic games like ghost busters and alien vs predator that the error occurs and i also set all the graphic on low and resolution is 1600x900 (my desktop resolution is 1680x1050)

    I have looked around the web and found many issues related to my symptoms. Im wondering if it can be a overheating issue, voltage issue, ram issue, bios issue or nvidia driver issue, or my monitor (im using a samsung monitor and i found that some samsung monitor has problems with the DVI causing no signal).

    OS: Windows 7 x64
    Mobo: MSI K9N SLI V2
    CPU: AMD Phenom quad-core
    GPU: XFX 8800 GT alpha dog edition (driver 196.21)
    8G ram
    PSU: Antec truepower new 750w
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    I had an MSI K9N Platinum and it would never run right with more than 2 gigs of RAM. Try running with 4 gigs. Some motherboards can get really touchy with all DIMM slots populated. Also make sure that your RAM timings are set right in the BIOS.
  3. togified

    togified TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I already confirmed RMA for my 4 patriot ram sticks since they are lifetime warranty. Waiting for my new sticks to come back.

    my bios was running them 5-5-5-something fergot
    the ram stick says 4-4-4-12
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