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Dec 13, 2011
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  1. Ok so hi guys! Haven't posted anything in a while. I am here to ask for your almighty advice. I just sold off my PC to get some cash for a laptop, because I wanted something portable. Now i have been reserching different laptops for a while and i just CAN'T make up my mind between two laptops. I intend to use the lappy for Gaming, school work, presentations, web-surfing and well other normal stuff. The two laptops I am torn between are + why I like/don't like them :

    Alienware M17x R3: + It is a monster!!!.
    I love the flashy lights on it.
    It can handle anything I throw at it
    - It is big and bulky.
    Gets very hot and loud
    Short Battery life

    Apple MacBook Pro 17" (I know please dont club me to death)
    + Its simplistic, elegant, beautiful, Unibody design.
    It cant get viruses
    Long battery life
    Amazing trackpad, easy to use.
    - Price not justified
    Slow GPU, Hinders my gaming experience
    Metal unibody get very,very warm.

    So I am completely torn between these two laptops. I have a MacBook Pro 14" from 2009 that I adore, but it dosent fulfill my gaming needs. SO please help me my fellow Techspotians! Also at the moment Price is no object. If you have any other suggestions that sort of fall into the category in between these two please tell me all comments and suggestions will be appreciated!
    All the best to everyone,
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    For reliability and style, there is no contest... the Apple MacBook Pro is mostly wonderful.

    I don't own an Alienware machine, but the ones we see in our shop tell me there are reliability and ruggedness issues.

    The contest between Alienware and Apple is very much an Apples vs Oranges argument... which I would want to have very well thought out....

    You might benefit from a lot more reading on both brands among several others. Both of those have many strengths and weaknesses, but generally a person who has one, would not want the other... for the ways in which they are used.
  3. nik11105

    nik11105 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    Cool thanks for the reply. I will go check out both. But is there anyone who has had experience with any of these laptops??
  4. slh28

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    Alienware and portable don't go in the same sentence.
    Macbook and gaming don't go in the same sentence.

    To be honest I'm not a fan of either, they are both massively overpriced. Also I've had friends who have owned both Alienware and Apple and a lot of them have had reliability issues. The MBP body may look amazing but it's not very good for cooling.
  5. asye288

    asye288 TS Rookie

    If you are gamer, go for the Alienware. For more daily general usage, go for mac.

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