Help me read minidumps from driver power state failure

By chriskaw85
Jul 11, 2011
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  1. Hey guys, i just bought a brand new asus g53sw-a1 and i have had the blue screen pop up on me a couple times now everytime is says driver power state failure...i am wondering what this means? someone please help and it seems like everything before i try to shutdown my computer seems to not respond...and everything will freeze including my mouse pointer...please help asap deploying back to afghanistan in ten days i want to fix it here with the quick internet...(currently on r n r) Thanks so much!

    so i looked at some other posts on this and i saw you need to see the minidump files so i have attached them so i can get this resolved as quickly as possible thanks again for all the help....
    btw the files were too big to attach so i compressed to zip folder hope that works!

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