Help me reinstall my Windows XP OS

By stgrego78
Feb 28, 2010
  1. Hello,

    i have a eee pc that is very small and does not have a cd rom drive or even a floppy. I got a virus and its extremely unfunbtional. I tried going into safe mode and running winnt32.exe and it does not want to work. I need to know what i need to do to reinstall my windows xp in safe mode via the i386, then the winnt setup wizard in the i386 folder. Please tell me how i can reinstall my software without the cd rom

  2. normanepps

    normanepps TS Rookie

    Use an external drive with all the files on it. Even a flash drive will work.
  3. KoolMan

    KoolMan TS Rookie

    yea you will have to use a thumb drive to install it windows is only about 700mb so if you get a 1 or 2 gb you will be fine
    google for one of the guides on how to install winXP on usb
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