Help need to format and re install windows xp

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Oct 6, 2009
  1. hi i have tried to format my laptop and re install windows xp but i have now got three versions on so when my laptop comes on you have an option to which one to use i only want one installed on my laptop but can not remove the other two please will someone help me
  2. raybay

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    Go into the laptop setup, to be sure your system is set to boot first from the CD drive.
    Then put your windows disk in the drive, and reboot.
    The computer will boot to the CD.
    After a bit of looking around, you will find choices about the Partition.
    You want to delete the partition, then reformat the hard drive, from which you will then install Windows.
    If this is not clear to you, I will resend the instructions in much more detail.
    But try the startup boot first... you should get a screen message that offers choices such as go to the BIOS or whatever.
    If you tell us more information about the laptop, we can be more helpful.
  3. Purplelady68

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    further details please

    hi i am understanding that but would appreciate more detailed instructions as i now have one full installed version and two installed versions that can not run due to something being missing and i feel i am getting deeper and deeper into trouble
  4. raybay

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    You need to reinstall Windows from scratch. You might find this useful from PCSupport.

    Turn on your computer, and when it gives you the choice to go to the BIOS, take that choice.

    Then look at your Boot order. You want the computer to boot to the CD. Set the choice so that going to the CD drive is the first choice when you boot.

    Insert your Windows Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot.

    The Windows disk will boot and allow you to go to a blue screen that will give you the choices to setup a new install, create a partition in unpartitioned space, or Delted the selected partition.

    Select "Delete the Selected Partition" or words to that effect.
    and the Windows disk will remove that partition, then do so again and again until ALL partitions are deleted.
    Then select, "Create a partition in the unpartitioned Space"

    This take only a brief amount of time, then select the choice to install Windows. If you do not get that option, reboot the CD and select "Install Windows XP" which will begin by formatting the hard drive, then installing Windows.

    The CD will now begin the formatting and installation of Windows showing you a yellow bar of progress. It wil take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 90 minutes depending upon the size of the hard drive you are formatting.

    From there, it should be easier for you.

    Point 1, you must boot to the Windows CD
    Point 2. you must delete ALL the partitions.
    Point 3, you must then create ONE new partition.
    Point 4. you must format that partition which will be automatic but take a long time. You will end up with one large partition that encompasses the entire drive... give or take a few mb's.

    Then you find that you are installing Windows, and it will work smoothly, yet take some more time.

    Finally you have a basic install of Windows, which now needs a chipset, then Video graphics installed, then ethernet, audio, and all the other drivers.

    I hope this was more helpful without taking up too much space.
  5. Purplelady68

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    thanks and i am now half way though these instructions but where do i find a chipset, Video graphics, ethernet, audio, and all the other drivers. as i do not have any cds to install drivers
  6. raybay

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    Usually the motherboard manufacturer or the computer company provides them on their website... You download them once you are very certain of the motherboard model number.
    But they could come on an install disk for the motherboard.
    You likely really need the help of a tech. There are so many things we cannot accurately describe on this short space.
    You have to know all your componets:
    Video graphics card or onboard video graphics port require drivers made by the company that made the graphics card or port.
    Ethernet connection requires drivers from the company which made the ethernet connection... sometimes available from the board manufacturer or the computer manufacturer.
    Audio drivers and sound software can be found on the website of the maker of the sound card, or sound chip on the motherboard. Installation can be tricky.
    Modem requires drivers designed for the modem... available from whomever sold you the modem.
    You might find as many as 64 different downloads to make one motherboard fully operational.

    One thing for sure. When you are done, you will have a ranking as a junior computer tech.
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