Help needed with hard drive

By billykarin
May 1, 2010
  1. I bought a used Dell computor with a 80 gig hard and it is partioned to 4 different users! I need to know how to get my hard drive back to only the one partion?
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    That doesn't make sense... Does the drive really have 4 partitions, or does the Windows log in screen have 4 users?

    If its really 4 partitions then do what LookinAround said, if its 4 users you can delete accounts in the User Accounts control panel.
  4. daveleau

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    Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director are the two apps I use for my partition needs. You can wipe out the other partitions and extend the partition you want to keep to fill the whole drive without having to reinstall the OS.

    If you don't care about reinstallation of the OS, you can use a Win98 boot disk and reformat and repartition the drive. Just make sure the floppy has FDISK. (I assume your system has a floppy if it's an 80GB drive in the system...)
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