Help needed with lost data recovery

By eldiablo22590
Apr 8, 2008
  1. My girlfriend's laptop seems to be showing symptoms consistent with gradual hard-drive failure (she is losing random bits of data for no reason and is experiencing OS functionality slowdown as well as boot errors). One of the files that 'vanished' was her diary, is there any way to recover this by means of software? (The laptop is still functional and I can run whatever needs to be run). Please get back to me if there is any way to solve this. We tried a data-recovery program but it didn't yield any results, only something that looks like a temp copy of the file. Word couldn't open it because it was corrupted, and I don't think that's the right file anyways since it's only ~160 B, when her diary was a 20 page file (I'm guessing ~100 KB)
    Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  2. damusca

    damusca TS Rookie Posts: 23


    download the recuva feature, that will retrieve her diary as long as it has not been overwritten.

    It is free ware, enjoy the luvin your gf gives you when you retrieve it for her
    :) :) :)
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