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Nov 5, 2008
  1. Hi i would like some advice on video cards.

    From your duplicate 2nd thread (now removed)
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    Video card are used to display the image on the monitor

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    this was updated
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    What was?

    If you are speaking of your System Specs, then no it wasn't :)


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    lets try this again, yes was checked.
    here is also what i found for specs on the mother board. I do not know the voltage.

    Intel Desktop Board D845BG/D845PT Technical Product Specification
    1.8.1 AGP
    ✏ NOTE
    The AGP connector is keyed for 1.5 V AGP cards only. Do not attempt to install a legacy 3.3 V
    AGP card. The AGP connector is not mechanically compatible with legacy 3.3 V AGP cards.
    The AGP connector supports AGP add-in cards with 1.5 V Switching Voltage Level (SVL).
    Legacy 3.3 V AGP cards are not supported.
    For information about Refer to
    The location of the AGP connector Figure 1, page 14
    The signal names of the AGP connector Table 36, page 68
    AGP is a high-performance interface for graphics-intensive applications, such as 3D applications.
    While based on the PCI Local Bus Specification, Rev. 2.2, AGP is independent of the PCI bus and
    is intended for exclusive use with graphical display devices. AGP overcomes certain limitations of
    the PCI bus related to handling large amounts of graphics data with the following features:
    Pipelined memory read and write operations that hide memory access latency
    Demultiplexing of address and data on the bus for nearly 100 percent efficiency
    For information about Refer to
    Obtaining the Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Specification Section 1.5, page 19
  6. kimsland

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    AGP connector supporting 1.5 V 4X AGP cards

    I believe this Motherboard of yours is too old to add any cost to (ie a new AGP card)
    You may be able to find an old video card on eBay or somewhere if yours is not working properly

    But given the age of the Motherboard I would highly recommend updating the Motherboard not the AGP graphics card (if at all possible anyway)

    I cannot advise you any further on this thread regarding your hardware, including purchasing a new Motherboard. You may be best to purchase an entire new system (recommended)

    This thread will have no other input placed on it by me.

    I hope that you have been satisfied with the support given already
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