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Feb 26, 2009
  1. hi. i am thinking of getting a seagate momentus 7200.4 250gb or 500gb to replace my hitachi 160 gb 5400rpm. i was thinking on how to transfer my vista hp over to the seagate. nid help here.
  2. Sharam

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    Is this a 2.5" notebook drive or a 3.5"?
    SATA or PATA?
  3. Route44

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    Here is a product I used to transfer my OS, etc. from a dying Hitachi laptop harddrive to a new Seagate.

    Simplest thing I have ever used and the software is actually repackaged Acronis. PDF from their website is really helpful. There will be others that will probably give you different options.
  4. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Never used that one, looks great.

    I've been using Ghost with either connecting the drive if desktop or using something like this got mine from fleabay for a lot less though.

    What you give link to is great, this comes with the software you say? If so, I'm getting one.
    Thanks for sharing
  5. Route44

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    You're welcome. It was actually someone on another forum who led me to this. It is very well packaged and the software does come with it.

    I had a friend who was having trouble with his Hitachi drive that was failing and tried it with a WD but he had trouble and went through WD own software to be able to do a full transfer so I don't know if it is a WD thing or it was his own issue. He said something about having to format. My Seagate was ready to go from beginning to end.

    I just made my CD Drive first bootable and did everything off the disk instead of installing the software to the drive I wanted to clone and in 10 minutes everything was transferred to the Seagate. It will set your new drive to NTFS format if you want. I popped it in and immediately my laptop recognized the harddrive. Not only was XP Pro w/SP2 all there but so was all my files and folders and any other software I had installed.

    Seriously, it has to be one of the simplest and quickest things I have ever done.

    By the way, that link you gave to the product you bought looks like it has a lot of the same parts for the Apricorn Drivewire.
  6. kimsland

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  7. shadower555

    shadower555 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i'm using sata 2.5"
    erm i hv backed up a copy of my vista usin nti backup. would that be able to restore the image to a clean hardrive?
  8. kimsland

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    You know hv is not a word, nor is usin

    Look, I'll put it in your words so you understand me clearly ;)

    i dunno m8 ty de linky thin i postid ok ?

    Good luck :grinthumb
  9. Sharam

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    Mine, I never leave shop without it but it does not do optical and has no software, the nice thing about it is that for PATA 2.5" drives, it requires no power making it a good tool to carry all my tools on a small drive with me.

    I've been looking for one with Optical support and the one you showed with the software on the bootable CD is great.

    That one gives the best transfer rate for PATA (2.5" to 3.5"), I do have one and use it for cloning or running virus scans where possible.

    I have never used that software and don't know if it made an image of the drive.

    Since yours is SATA, if you have a desktop with SATA connectors on the motherboard (eSATA would be nice) you can use many different software to clone your drive making sure of the destination not wanting to write to another drive creating disaster.

    I have been using Ghost 2003 and have had no reason to switch since it works every time, tried Ghost12 which does everything in Windows but like the 2003 better.

    With Ghost12 or 2003, I make sure the drive is "virgin" with no partition on it not even initialized and it gives me exact bootable copy with same ratio for the partitions if any and it never bothers me if the drives are different sizes as long as the data on the source drive can fit on the destination drive. Ghost 12 messes up the Windows Boot manager with adding irrelevant lines.

    With Ghost 2003, if I select to back up a drive on to a DVD with disaster recovery option checked, it creates a bootable "restore" DVD.

    If you don't have a desktop with SATA support, I would install free cloning software, connect the new drive using one of the tools above (USB to SATA/IDE) then instruct the software to clone /copy from the source to destination after making sure all relevant options are checked as in copy MBR and such, I haven't used any other software to give step by step and Ghost does it for me with no additional option when I choose clone.
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