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By Ellie Slijer
Nov 25, 2013
  1. Hi, my monitor randomly turns black, and everything I'm doing freezes (because I can no longer hear sound) but the tower still appears to be on. Sometimes it automatically reboots, sometimes the monitor just goes idle after the reboot, sometimes the monitor works and shows me my screen. This happens randomly, but very close together in intervals. (5 minutes) and leaves me really not a lot of time to try to fix anything, so I'm asking you guys, please help! :(
    I attached my hijackthis log, hopefully one of these is causing the issue! :( The computer is not very old, about 5 years. Thank you for any help!

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  2. Broni

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    Please do NOT create multiple topics.
    I already moved your previous topic to appropriate forum - Windows.
    This topic is closed.
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