HELP - "Security 2010" Virus - did I remove it?

By mfessaru
Mar 2, 2010
  1. The fake Microsoft Security virus (reported by Matthew) was on my Averatec/WIndows SP.

    I ran Malwarebytes, then downloaded the real Microsoft as recommended, then ran a complete scan. Windows security found two files: TrojanDownloader:ASX /Wimad.AN and the program: Win32/ PowerRegScheduler. I attached all of the txt/log files from yesterday in the other thread: "Received a private message: Is this standard?"

    Is everything okay now? Should I go through the 8 steps just to be sure that everything is gone? None of these logs lists something with the same name as the Trojan Win32/Fakeinit.

    And, the local computer guy said that the Security 2010 virus was a "root" virus, and could only be removed by taking my hard drive out of the computer and putting it on a UNIX machine. Is this correct? But, can I use the computer in the meantime??

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