Help windows vista just restarts

By tomstr ยท 4 replies
Dec 10, 2008
  1. just install vista copy...tryed 10 times to install everytime it whould not complete,sead had hardware memory or something,then it did install now it will restart randomely.....when you first get on windows,then it is ok any help
  2. Laeion

    Laeion TS Rookie

    If you're installing an illegal copy or forged product, Microsoft won't allow you and will lockdown your computer.

    You could try to boot from the Vista Installation CD and reformat your hard drive into Vista.
  3. tomstr

    tomstr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry i guess i should explain, i can get on to vista,no problem,search ect, get on line,but when you first sighn on to windows,it will just restart after it has been off,it seems to only do it when you logon to windows after that it may restart again,but only 2 times per session...thank you
  4. Laeion

    Laeion TS Rookie

    I don't under what you're trying to interpret between logging into a Vista account and signing on tor Windows.

    If a software is preventing you to login/sign-in, then you could try disabling the software by
    Start > Run > msconfig

    Select the tab where the Startup programs are located (the second to last tab) and disable the software you believe to be causing your computer to shut off after logging in. Disabling all of the software won't damage your computer.
  5. tomstr

    tomstr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i turn on my computer,then i sighn into vista,then i see my home page,then it will load all my icons and everything else.....then it will restart,sighn in again as before,then it goes to load ,desktop and it does not restart,i will get online surf internet,still ok...seems only to happen when i am first logging on to desktop,or opening program?like today it has not done it,i have antivirus combofix,malwarebyts....what i sead in the first thread was when i first installed vista it whould stop at the end of instullation and not install becuase of the same blue screen message, and then all of the sudden it installed,,mabee it is hardware?
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