Help with Acer all in one W10


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Some time ago I accidently grabbed a keyboard (fingers on unknown keys) to move it not knowing it was connected to the all in one. I heard musical noises so I quickly re;eased it & set it down. Next day I clicked start to reboot it but no verticle Start menu but found out how to reboot/shut down & did so. Spent a couple days trying to fix it to no avail. Had problems with browsers so I ran Malwarebytes, Windows Defender & other programs, all came up clean. The harder I tried to fix, the worse it got. It would not let me reset it keeping my documents & such so this morning I bit the big one & decided to do a full reset to factory. Everything was going fine till it got to the sign in with microsoft & the email address/phone number area got AUTO FILLED with "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh & so on. Can I avoid that & if so, how ???
MORE info, it did similiar with wifi so I plugged my ethernet in, solved that part.
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Well, I entered name & 3 QA's in case I forget password & that was 55 minutes ago & its still spinning ................................ in a circle & says Just a moment.


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Assuming this is during Windows Installation.
Power down, disconnect any non-essentials (if possible) and try again.
There could also be an error in the Install media. Might try rebuilding the media.
Beyond that I don't know what to suggest.
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