Help with Acer Aspire 4710

Oct 19, 2009
  1. The only links and info I found are virtually useless, I am getting help on one forum but it's not passing the muster have to say, no fault to the guy involved, but I need more hands on this problem, more gifted teching!!
    The Acer 4710 laptop was made in fall of 07, the same year I lost my job, but I happened upon one in the pawnshop, cheaper then any others, so yes, it was supposed to be P/W free, unlocked, but it's not. I cleared Vista due to so much Malware and Trojans on it, it could not be recovered, then discovered the hard drive is the only thing BIOS allows to boot. Nothing else. I tried Windows 98 on this as well as ME, where a swap between desktop and laptop works ok. Drivers are a huge issue obviously but the CMOSPWD utility and others I tried like "Phoenix" for the Bios password are not working.

    I need help as I took this thing completely apart, found the CMOS batt and removed that, waited hours this evening, and look, it's 2AM Central time now, and the password is still locked in. There must be a short contact on the board as I was shown for a later Acer mobo. This one is Volvi 07200-1M, and subsequent SS numbers are; 48.4U701.01M
    The RST screen for CMOS or SCMOS shown in a photo from the guy helping me, doesn't appear to be found on this mobo, where in his photo, the location is between chip and RAM slot.
    Help as soon as you can with this, I've been on it more then a week now!!
  2. Tmagic650

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    I am afraid you are out of luck BILL_S. unless you pay someone to remove the passwords... not cheap!
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