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Mar 15, 2009
  1. Hi I am having problems with my Dell XPS 410 loading Windows Media Center Edition. I have been reading posts about this certain problem (and now multiple problems) throughout the internet looking for solutions.

    The first problem I have been having is the "Loading PBR for descriptor 2...done" error. I was able to solve this somewhat by putting in a Dell CD or my re installation CD for Windows XP.

    The problem with that is it has its own set of problems. Personally, I have no such data at this point I wish to save and would careless as to what is left on this computer as there is not much left (new laptop and all I wish for is another functioning PC at the home office). When I proceed to set up using my Windows XP CD in my DVD and even my DVDRW drive, I am asked on this black screen to "Press any key to continue," I press a key, and am left with a black screen and nothing else.

    What are your suggestions? I really do not feel like pouring more money into this system as it is already 3 years old and beyond warranty and do not find it worthwhile to pay 50 bucks on Dell Support just to be told to go out and buy another hard drive or like such.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Loading PBR.... do a google on "inside the dell restore partition",

  3. kimsland

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  4. Ididmyc600

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    yeah cheers kimsland for that, i was just quick posting answers, seems most though dont google faults before coming on here...

    Nice thread by the way, you should link to my site and the thread on removing Dell passwords..
  5. kimsland

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    Yes thanks
    I'll leave your recent reply there (even though as stated above I had already quoted that reference link) because it helps to have this thread bumped anyway ;)

    Is your site free?
  6. Ididmyc600

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    Oh yes all free mate, i dont believe in selling information that is freely available on the web elsewhere, my site is just a collection of the information, but in a more informative and easy to understand format.
  7. kimsland

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    Well don't be shy ;)
    Just give me the link
    By the way, just to double up - make sure it's not a spam link, that includes pay for services, as it would be a shame for you to be banned and all (I tend to be a bit trigger happy at times, and swift too :)) (so I've been told)

    Anyway lets have the "info" link, I'm hanging out for all this extra hidden information that I've never seen before.

    Note: I've been to a lot of web pages by the way (probably yours too, but didn't even know it) I've also created complete web pages for others (still up and running) and I've saved complete web pages (just in case they suddenly dematerialize :)) Which will basically give me the right to post (upload) it myself. I'm extremely thorough. I even check cached pages, and I've signed up, well everywhere :D


    Oh you're talking about the smellyalater website (oh ok, would you like me to make that better looking for you?)
    It's got lots of text (well that's basically it, as the pics have been removed (mostly) long ago
    No that's old news :( and everything is already found elsewhere on the web (either they stole your PDF or you stole theirs, either way, I have the full one anyway (pics and and all) It was just a matter of reading every post (including removed posts) since 2005. I know I know, I tend to get too involved.

    The only thing I want I still haven't got, (595b and later) but you must admit I've done the work and basically been the number 1 crusader in trying to find it. If I were given the chance, or had a tiny bit more info, that would be so cool :cool:
  8. Ididmyc600

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    You have wayyyyy to much time on your hands mate.

    The site has had all the pictures removed because Dell threatened the owner (so to speak) with legal action.

    Its still up on the web just not advertised, i send the link via email for anyone who asks.

    The PDF...well the site has the cut down version, i have the full version myself, but i work in conjunction with a german chap who wrote it, he lets me have the odd snippet of useful things and i add them to the site, he just supplied the HP password gen program, which i havent used yet, but its on the site, in return he has a link on the site.

    Oh yeah, the "new" site owner, he runs a password for a cost removal scheme,which is on the site i cant help that so if it goes against your rules then leave the link out...
  9. kimsland

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    Thanks for your help :( (another dead end)
    Basically it's determination that keeps me going.
    My Dell folder is (wait I'll check...) Oh too many extra things :blush: It's about 200Meg in size. And generally that's TXT and PDF and small tools and Pics (note when I checked it's actually over a gig, but that's not exactly specific to Dell)

    I have so much info, it's hard to keep up :D Actually when someone asks something it takes a minute to sort through it all :)

    But I'll continue searching the web I suppose, it's inevitable anyway, it just takes 1 brave soul to release it (the gen.) I'd have it within 5 mins. Oh I forgot to say I've checked all (well most) FTP sites too, I think I hacked through your one a long time ago :) :D But nothin. ! Oh sorry about that. I had to pull up a lot of old tools and things, but that was a year ago nearly.
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    The boot sector for your OS partition is corrupt, or possible your hard drive is bad.
    Google "fixboot" for instructions on fixing your boot sector. To check your hard drive run the dell diagnostic tools. Press F12 at the dell startup screen, goto diagnostics, and run a custom diagnostic on the hard drive.

    Dell's funny, they don't use the standard Microsoft MBR, they use their own which does some behind the scene fixup's (like shrink the LBA count of your HDD for the hidden dell media partition ). Dell's generally ship with three partitions
    1. Diagnostic Utils
    2. Operating System
    3/4. System Restore (optional) and/or Dell Media Partition (optional)

    "Loading PBR for descriptor 2...done" means it loaded the boot sector for the operating system partition, did a jump to the boot code.. and the boot sector code went nowhere.. If there is an unrecoverable error or bad sector you see that.

    I think your pressing "Any Key" to late. Try pressing any key before the message comes up.

    This is basically the same error as the one you have above, the prompt is timing out, loading the boot sector, jumping to the boot sector code, and its locking up.
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