Help with ES Ei 204-UK

By kdlak5
Apr 29, 2009
  1. Hi, I'm not sure I am posting in the correct forum, so I apologise if I am not.
    I would like to take my ES Ei 204-UK desktop computer back to the manufacturers settings. I bought the computer about 5 years ago with Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed. Unfortunately, the computer did not come with any manuals and I cannot find any E system website that can help me. I have nothing on the computer that I need but after 5 years it is starting to slow down. I also bought an Acer Laptop about 4 years ago. I have just taken that back to the original settings using the manual that came with it. That was also pre-installed with Windows Vista. On that I had to press Alt & F10 together at the Acer logo page and I now have a laptop that is like new. This is why I want my desktop to do the same. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou.
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    To start the recovery, press the F10 key when you first turn on your computer. You might find it easier to tap F10 repeatedly until you see “Starting System Recovery”.

    After a short while, you will see an option for “Non-destructive recovery”. This is the default, and restores Windows® and all your pre-installed software without wiping out your data. Click Non-destructive recovery, then Next to continue.

    If you want to completely erase all your data, click the Advanced button for further options (Note that on newer versions, the Advanced button has been removed so you can see all three options straightaway):
    • 1. System Recovery (No format)
    • 2. System Recovery (Quick Format)

    More info here:
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    Thankyou very much. Will try it and let you know the outcome :) Again a big thankyou.
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