Help with FIFA 08 Wii

By rmdl51
Jun 11, 2008
  1. Hello everybody,

    I've been googling for help and tips about this game but I hardly can find something about it, I know this kind of games doesn't require a guide or a walkthough but I was mainly looking for some tips to perform moves and tricks.

    before you suggest it, yes I've completed the training at least 3 times and I think there's much to learn about it because I still get my ***** kicked online like:

    -no matter how I press the run button the opponent seems to always run faster
    -I want to use my preset line up for online gaming and don't know how
    -I want to control the goal keeper at some point of the game and don't know how
    -I want to improve my dribble skills but I don't understand how, it seems to be always a little delay on the moves.
    -same as previous for shooting, player seems to take too long to shoot or sometimes too weak even tough I apply the same move on the remote.

    Well if anybody knows where can I find answers for this I'll really appreciate it, or if any of you can help answering then great, Thank you very much!
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