Help with Malware completed 8 steps

By spencer22l
Mar 25, 2009
  1. iexplore.exe gets deleted automatically!

    fixed with system restore :)


    I use IE8 and it worked fine until yesterday night.
    When I double click on desktop nothing happens.
    So I go to start and open IE8 from there but it doesn't open but gives me these 2 errors : (first top one, after I click ok, the second one)


    I've deleted and re installed it but still the same thing..
    I've tried downgrading too to 7 but it worked for a moment and the same thing..
    I actually got help from another forum and heard that it's a malware and I should get help here

    This is the link to that thread :

    I've done the 8 steps and uploaded 3 logs
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