Help with processor upgrade!

By luvly4luv
Aug 5, 2010
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  1. Pls i want to know if its possible to upgrade Amd Athlon 4 processor to Amd athlon Xp?
  2. mailpup

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    It depends on whether the motherboard supports the proposed CPU. What brand and model PC do you have or if it is a self-built or custom built PC, what motherboard make and model does it have?
  3. The MaD HaCkER

    The MaD HaCkER TS Rookie

    The quick and simple answer is.. It depends ;) If you are working with a generic system then it depends on weather your motherboard supports the processor, on the other hand if you are working with a comercial system then the company may have ordered custom parts made to order and you can't swap many of the parts, ( I came across a system that was so custom that we could not even reuse the monitor!). You might be working with any combination of standard and custom parts. on the other hand if it was a system that was made from parts (you went to a computer show and assembled a system) then it can be fairly simple, and you might look into buying a motherboard & Cpu combo, many companys sell them for the price of the processor +$10. You also might look into some of the sites that are trying to sell you a new system, you are able to select the componets you want and get a general idea of what prices you are talking about and then ether shop for yourself or if the price is right; buy it. You are able to usual reuse the drives but the processor, memory and cpu HAVE to be matched or you will be scratching your head and wondering why the thing just sits there and beeps at you. But as for just pulling the old processor and dropping in a new one it's a firm perhaps..

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