Help with Steganos Security Suite 6

By rouvas2009
Dec 20, 2009
  1. Hello guys I would appreciate your help very much in a problem I have with the Steganos Security Suite 6.

    I have the Steganos Security Suite 6 in my pc (Windows XP) with which I have made a hidden drive where I keep inside important work documents, files, work bills, passwords and etc.
    On Saturday I tried to install windowblinds but the setup process was taking too long and in some time I think it froze so I decided to cancel it and restart my pc.
    After restarting, chaos broke loose. The desktop had gone back to the Windows standad, files, folders and programs on the desktop had disappeared, a fingerprint program that I had required the cd again and stuff like that. To put it in a nutshell, I started searching and searching anf I managed to find the missing stuff that had relocated somewhere and somehow managed to put it back together as it used to be. Fixed settings in VLC player, Winamp, Irfanview and such.
    After all this I went to open my secure hidden drive to check and see if everything was OK there but I was shocked to see that the only option I had was to create a new one and not to open my secure drive. My secure drive was nowhere to be found. As you can understand I'm on the brink of a stroke here.
    How can I find and restore my secure hidden drive with Steganos Security Suite 6? I tried Search with some fiels I had in there that I remembered their names but I could not find anything.
    Is there an option inside this program that I can use to restore my drive or something else, some kind of program that I can use to save my work?

    Otherwise, is there an option as rolling back my pc to the shape it used to be before all this happened? Note: the damage happened this Saturday afternnoon.

    Thank you very much for your time and hopefully you may be able to help me.
  2. rouvas2009

    rouvas2009 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Something else that I remembered. Can I use the Restore System property from My Computer? Will I be able to roll back my pc to before the damage happened? The damage happened Sat 19/12 afternoon, can I roll it back to let's say Saturday morning?
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