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Jul 5, 2008
  1. I bought a Emachines T3516A two years ago for my kids to use as a gaming computer. Three weeks ago it took about two hours to boot up. I thought that it had picked up a virus since the kids do online gaming. I ran all the virus scans and decided to do a system recovery since the kids only have two games installed. I rebooted and pressed F11 just like the instructions say to. I also tried rebooting with the Operating system disc in the drive. The computer gives me the error that the disc is not an operating disc or there is a disc error. If I start it without the disc I get the PC Angel System recovery page. I have now had that page up for two weeks with no change. Help! Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try next.
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    Now What?

    OK, went ahead and restarted computer to try the recovery of a corrupt config. The Comp will not let me just reboot. I am immediatly returned to the system recovery page that tells me to press F11. If I do not press F11 I get an MBR Error and the computer does nothing. Now what?
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    do you have the CD that came with the system? insert it, boot
    watch for the BIOS prompt and hit that key.

    then setup to boot from the CD
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    Disc error

    When I try that or any other form of putting the disc in, I get an error message of "non system disc or disc error".
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