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By rocks911
Jul 15, 2009
  1. I have over 300 folders in "My Music" and the thumbnails and folders dont act consistently.

    I have posted this question before and got the advice to go to Tools/Folder Options/ View/ Apply to all folders once I have selected a folder that displays like I want it to. Unfortunately it changes nothing.

    I'm wanting to upload my music to my PS3 and want the album art to display correctly but I'm not going to upload until I can get it all to display correctly, because theoretically it should be easier on my computer.



    What is going on with these folders? Take Huey Lewis for example, there are 3 albums in the main folder each with a thumbnail but only one shows on the main folder, what is up with that. Jeff Beck folder...perfect. What is up with the James Brown folder? Not formatted at all like IO want but cant seem to do a thing about it.

    What is this mess all about?

    I'm not really well versed in folder tweaking as I've never really had to be but this is driving me insane. I suppose it has to do with the various methods I've used to convert CD's over the years, different software I suppose creates different folders....maybe.
  2. Mycologist

    Mycologist TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Could be something to do with the way the album data is retrieved, tbh I'm not entirely sure, but I get this kind of thing myself, it would appear that sometimes the data is just stored on the CD, and sometimes it's retrieved from the internet. If you downloaded most of your music, legit or otherwise, it generally starts to get even more inconsistent. However, what I've generally found when syncing to external devices is that as long as you have album art associated with the album, it comes up on the device, so it should work on your PS3 for all of them, despite the irregularities in the folders.

  3. Bobbye

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    Usually folders do not retain the thumbnail view. You can customize the folders as you want and you can view them as thumbnails by clicking on the small view screen right above the folders and selecting 'Thumbnails'.

    I remember SP2 having a thumbnail data folder that would retain this view but I deleted mine because this view takes up the most 'space' on the hard drive.
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