Henry Cavill says he will not return as Superman following meeting with James Gunn


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What just happened? Henry Cavill has revealed he will not be returning as Superman. The news comes just months after being told by DC Studios to announce that he would be reprising his role as the Man of Steel (and following the Black Adam cameo). The studio's new co-chairman James Gunn tweeted that a new Superman story was in the works that focuses on the earlier parts of the character's life, so Cavill won't be playing the part.

It was only seven weeks ago when Cavill posted he was "back" as Superman following his brief appearance in Black Adam. Soon afterward, the British actor announced he would be leaving Netflix's The Witcher series after season 3, which arrives next summer, with Liam Hemsworth taking on the role of Geralt of Rivia. Cavill never gave his reasons for leaving, though it was assumed filming Superman would have led to scheduling conflicts with the series.

But it appears Cavill might have waved goodbye to the White Wolf a little prematurely. "It's sad news, everyone. I will, after all, not be returning as Superman. After being told by the studio to announce my return back in October, prior to their hire, this news isn't the easiest, but that's life," Cavill wrote in an Instagram post. "I respect that James and Peter have a universe to build. I wish them and all involved with the new universe the best of luck, and the happiest of fortunes."


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Gunn confirmed the news on Twitter. The Guardians of the Galaxy director said that he and co-chairman Peter Safran have a slate of DC projects ready to go, including the Superman movie, which he confirmed isn't another origin story—reports say it will focus on his younger years as a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Gunn is writing, but a director has not yet been found.

Just six days before Gunn and Safran took on their roles at DC Studios on November 1, Cavill said in an interview he was "very excited" about Gunn being hired.

There have been rumors that Gunn doesn't like Cavill. When asked if he would address these claims, he tweeted, "Sure: false." YouTuber and Podcaster Joshua Luca, who runs The Den of Nerds, replied: "Even more ppl have reached out to me since you said this to tell me you really don't like him. Just saying what I heard." That brought a less-than-friendly response from Gunn.

"So weird. You seem so plugged in! Anyway, I just had forty people reach out to me to say you just got kicked out of your Mom's basement. So sorry, man."

The news comes soon after Patty Jenkins spoke out over the cancellation of the third Wonder Woman movie. The director said she never walked away from the project, and that Wonder Woman 3 may not move forward under the new DC Studio bosses.

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He is really good actor, I really hope he will get into some proper production. He was the only watchable person in Witcher, and he could do well in DC - _IF_ DC had any idea on what they're doing.
I'd love to see him in maybe something like Sandman or similar. He did nicely in Holmes spin-off.

Avro Arrow

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Well, well, well! This is going to be a bit awkward if the Superman who fights Black Adam isn't Henry Cavill after they had their "little conversation".

Maybe they'll get the real Captain Marvel to do it, but I wouldn't be able to take that seriously, not yet anyway.


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This was the last straw for me with DC... How can you remove the best Superman and the best DC movie (Man of steel) out of your universe... after saying he was there. Just sucks because he left the witcher and now no superman...

DC is done. They can join Marvel now with crap movies.

kira setsu

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DC live action has been a disaster for decades. Whomever runs their animated department should be put in charge, they can actually get crap out
I dont know why they wont just focus on animation, they wont beat marvel in live action and if they keep it hand drawn it'll offer a different look than what dis/pixar keeps cranking out, pump a bit more cash into em to get theatre level and its a win.