Hey, Im selling a computer, and im just wondering if the set is worth the price, look

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Jul 12, 2006
  1. JimShady23

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    Great System Choice, but....

    Your configuration is great, but dont think you should switch everything over to socket AM2 ? I know they say the performance gain isnt anything to brag about over 939 but its newer technology concidering 939 is as much as i hate to say it, being phased out....I mean 939 is fine thats what i have.....its great, but if i was buying somthing new id go for the AM2....And really the prices are just about the same even with the DDR2.....Would you guys agree with me ? Its just a wise choce

    I understand there will still be avaliability of 939 cpu's for quit a while but there will be no new ones as will there be with AM2.....
  2. nork

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    Jimshady is right, we need to pick out an amd socketAM2 rig. That would be the wiser choice. I knew there was something about socket939 but i couldnt quite remember. Socket939 is fairly new tech, but socketAM2 is even newer and thus will have a higher end as far as the speed of the cpu you can use possibly now but for sure into the future.
    Again, i will leave that to those who can do a better job.
    One thing, though, I have heard that the power supply you have is on the bad list of power supplies. As much as it seems good and good to great power on some rails, like the 12v, perhaps, for the money, you might want to pick out a brand name like antec, Forton, thermaltake, etc. I dont think you will have to spend any more money, but, if you do, its worth it anyway as the power supply is the single most important item in a pc, after the UPS. Im throwing the UPS in as a kind of joke, the power supply is and will likely always be the most important. For one thing, the better power supplies protect your pc in low and high power situations at the wall, so, if you arent getting a UPS, better make sure you get a good power supply. I could be wrong about the power supply, as its not my lists of good and bad power supplies, and i dont have any experience with the newer coolmax units. I have run into older coolmax and i dont recall any bad experiences but it must be on the bad list for a reason, i would suspect. I do know that some power supply mfgrs simply way overstate the value and qualifications of their power supplies, like boasting 680 watts when its more like 350 watts, things like that, they do happen.

    Heres some info for you on that:
    http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=4146 Apr 22 2005


    atx format:
    http://www.formfactors.org/ this is for future reading, but it will also show you what atx format you need for now, as in the 24 pin power connector, for instance, which, as i see, you already know about. It just puts the info at your disposal.
  3. KingCody

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    DDR2 is often even cheaper than DDR[1] :)

    and for power supplies... nork is right, cheap companies like coolmax overstate their actual power output. the rating they provide is maximum peak power, not continuous usable power. and it is rated at 25c ambient, however the temp inside the power supply case will likely far exceed 25c which greatly reduces power output.

    quality brands like Antec, Fortron, seasonic, PCP&C rate their PSUs with actual continuous usable power, not maximum peak power. but they don't actually make the PSUs themselves, they have them built by a 3rd party and they just brand them, so read reviews on specific models as well becase often times each model series is built by a different manufacturer.

    cheers :wave:
  4. nork

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    KingCody obiously knows his power supplies, so i would strongly suggest you consider what he is saying.
    Again, the power supply is THE most important part of your pc. Its the engine and much more, it protects all your expensive parts.
    I know as at one time i didnt pay much attention to getting a decent power supply, i used standard, generic and forgot about it.
    And i didnt use a UPS either, figured they were just after my money.
    After a few destroyed mobos, hard drives, power supplies, etc, etc, i decided maybe these people were right.
    So 6 yrs ago i bought a UPS and an enermax power supply. I have my pc loaded to the gills and my enermax hums along. We get power surges and power brown-outs (which are actually worse than surges!), and my UPS tells me its happening all right, but my pc hums along just nicely!
    I learned the lesson the hard way so i try and help people so they dont have to! And, just in case you are thinking that i lost my pc parts from anything else, let me tell you flat out that the cause was power brown-outs (reduction in power at the wall or plug) or power surges. With brown-outs being much harder on pc parts i would imagine it was that that totally destroyed these parts.
    Since people in these type of forums wised me up i have lost one old hard drive that i got second hand and thats over 6 yrs!
    Get a UPS and a good power supply, even if that means having to borrow the bucks!
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