HI I can't get XP to finish reinstall

By ynotbme
Oct 9, 2012
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  1. I have the original Disc for A Tobshiba Satalite A55-S306. I tried to reinstall XP. It is a SP1 verision of XP. It will not do anything right now except reboot over and over agian. I have tried all safe modes and last config. it does nothing. I tried F2 thru 12 ....nothing. It does at one point say it needs to finish set up...Duh! Oh, I removed the disc and replaced it...nothing! Please help! It is not my Laptop...the guy is cheap and going to think, I did something....I sure don't want to replace it. If more information is needed. I will try! Please help!!!

    Thanks, Ynot
  2. ynotbme

    ynotbme TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    OK, OK. I now realize that the F8 key is not functioning. Also, the file from the original disc is missing or corrupt. It is something like /windows/config32 missing or corupt. Any ideas. I will be getting a usb keyboard to plug in.....can I install a XP Pro with the old serial key? The original is a home edition? Thanks! Ynotbme

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