Hi there. I have an error with auto restarts

By kalii24
Apr 13, 2009
  1. Hi there, I have an error that i can not find out my self and i'm pretty good with this stuff.

    Sometimes whilst i play WoW ( World of Warcaft ) and outside of the game my computer just shuts down randomly, i have

    128MB Video Card
    2GB RAM
    HP Pavillion Pentium 4
    70-80GB HDD ( 2x - added additional for extra storage - NO OS installed on 2nd one )

    But yeah thats basic stuff, anyway after that i view my Event Log .. i don't get much from it but in C:\WINDOWS\ i get a folder called Minidump with something in it

    Normally you should post it up here but i normally delete it after it happens, i still have it if it is needed in some way,

    Thanks hope you can help.
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