High CPU usage for nothing, reboots while playing WoW, BSODs sometimes

By mirilailai
May 25, 2010
  1. All these problems are following me after 2 reinstalls on my windows.
    I did the 8-Steps-Viruses Removal Instructions (twice -> on 2 wins) and the result is nothing...

    At the first reinstall, when i turn on the comp (notebook) my cpu usage jumped to 100% at fresh start....The second reinstall (today) it jumps to 35-37% at fresh start.

    When i play WoW my cpu usage jumps to 55-60% and after 30-40 minutes of play my system reboots!

    And the last 8-steps-virus removal instructions running, when GMER finished the check i ran the Chrome browser by mistake and i got BSOD, then re-checked with GMER and when it finished I re-enable the antivir (KIS), then re-connect the cable for my internet connection and I got BSOD again.... I've opened a thread in the BSOD section but there i was told to open it here.

    I'm so hopeless right now and it makes me to belive the only solution is complete uninstall include D:\ and all my data on the computer.

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  2. Broni

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    I don't see anything suspicious in your logs.
    Since we're talking here about fresh Windows installation, I highly doubt, we're dealing with any infection here.

    I suggest, you repost at BSOD forum.
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