Hit by Malware have cleaned, now having freezing a program problems

By mlchorserunner
May 14, 2009
  1. Was hit by WinPC anitvirus Malware, I have cleaned it up as far as I can tell at this time. I now cannot use disk defragmenter as it will not function, or restore. My programs are Freezing and I have to reboot by turning it off and take about 3 times doing this to make it run again, (as it has froze the other two times). I also find that when running a search in google whatever tag I hit I am redirected to some other place, I actually have to copy the address and paste it on the address bar to get to that page......I am hoping to fix this without having to completely wipe my hard drive clean, but if I have to that will be done.......any help would be appreciated. I am running XP Media Center on a Toshiba laptop.
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