Home 3D printing goes on a budget with the New Matter MOD-t

Shawn Knight

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There's a new 3D printer vying for your support on Indiegogo and while it doesn't push the bounds of what is currently available in terms of technology or specifications, it could have a tremendous impact on the market based on...

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Jad Chaar

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The library idea isnt that new. MakerBot Thingiverse is very similar to this concept. This idea seems a lot more open and less commercial though. The printer for <$200 sounds interesting also.


With 3D printing becoming affordable, someone should be working on making 3D scanning devices affordable too. That would really push 3D printing into more homes.


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The library I used to work at has a 3D printer for public use. I'll tell you about it when I use it, if you want to know.


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Whats the strength of the finished product with 3d printers. Say I was a skrew short for a project or a bolt and these were normally made from iron or steel. Could I print a bold and it would more then suffice or would it just crack?


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It's nice to see a low cost 3D printer that doesn't look like **** and means to be consistent. $250 is a decent price, and if this turns out well I might buy one.

As for the news item, I dislike that publications put the crowdfunding price as the price ("$199 printer"). I've seen that before, and while it's fine to say that you can get it for now for this price, it's much better IMO to mention what the retail price will be.


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Ohh I would get one but that $40 transit would be a lot more due to import duty, if I had a 3D printer I would print my own PC Case and an iron man suit! Then I would print myself a gf because I have no life :'(
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I would like a 3D printer for printing tabletop miniatures. I would need to teach myself some 3d modeling though...

Is .02mm small enough layers for fine detail I wonder? I know makerbots replicator mini does 100 micron layers.


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The machine will use fused filament fabrication and non-proprietary PLA filament to print at a minimum layer height of 0.02mm.
Off by an order of magnitude in minimum layer thickness. It's .2mm, not .02mm.
Where are you reading 0.2mm?

OK I found it in the faqs.
What is the resolution quality of the MOD-t?
The resolution is determined by both layer thickness and nozzle diameter. In the horizontal plane, the nozzle diameter (0.4 mm) limits the resolution to approximately 0.5 mm. In the vertical axis, the minimum supported layer thickness is 0.2 mm.
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