How can i amplify an ipod's output?

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Oct 11, 2009
  1. i have some old speakers of the wire-and-clip variety. they have been set up for an ipod jack (help from an electrical engineer... soldered wires with the proper output to the speaker wires), but they aren't as loud as i had hoped... is there a way to amplify the ipod's output so the speakers can play with more volume?
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    Ask the same electrical engineer who designed the setup to do it for you; it all comes down to what kind of chip he\she uses. Some work well for audio applications; others don't. The circuit is a piece of cake to construct though; you can do it with some research. The Chu Moy amp recommended above is a very good one to start with.
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    Well, you could look at this page for headphone amps.
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    thanks for the replies! i'll take a look into the cmoy amp :)
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