How can I change my IP address in Vista Ultimate 32 bit

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Nov 20, 2008
  1. How can I change my ip address in Vista Ultimate 32 bit?
    I have tried to change it using ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and it didn't work. I hope it is possible ! I think I made a topic about this I think But can't seem to find it, cause so many topics :D
  2. LookinAround

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    Well, theres a few things you need understand.

    - There are WAN ip addresses
    - And LAN ip addresses.

    The WAN ip address is assigned/controlled by your ISP. When you pay for service you pay to use an ip address that's assigned to them. The WAN ip is what's used to route data between ip addresses on the internet.

    If your computer connects directly to your cable or DSL modem, your computer is assigned the WAN ip address and is what you'll see using ipconfig.

    LAN ip addresses. If you have a router connected to the cable/DSL modem and computers connected to the router...Then
    - The router is assigned the WAN ip address
    - The router creates a LAN for your home network. Your computers on the LAN connect to the router which can then route it to another LAN computer or out on the internet.

    The router assigns each LAN computer its own LAN ip address. This is how all your home LAN devices share one IP address you get from your ISP.

    The standards governing use of IP addresses reserve the following for use on LANs. - - -

    Note these addresses might reappear and reused on uany number of LANS across the world. But this does not cause internet routing confusion because the router sends NEVER sends a LAN address out on the internet. It always replaces a LAN address with the WAN ip address. LAN addresses never appear in the data travelling along the internet.

    This all said:
    - If your computer is assigned LAN ip addresses any ip address change you make isn't relevant. Cause i think you are really trying to change WAN ip address.
    - If your computer is actually getting a WAN address, you might be getting a dynamic or static ip address depending on what you pay for. (Dynamic is cheaper and most common) Dynamic ip is assigned and changed whenever the ISP feels like it. By definition they can change it every 4 hours if the choose. Or you pay for static ip service where you always get the same ip from your ISP. Period.

    Bottom line is you might find a method that triggers your ISP to change the WAN address but more often you can't trigger that. it'll change when ur isp is good and ready to change it. (tho if you have dsl servcie you may find it changes with every restart.)
  3. Rukasuzu

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    hmm interesting

    hmm interesting
  4. DaMak420

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    Often time the cable company will have a 3day "lease" on the IP it provides to you. If your connection is "on" at the end of the lease, it auto renews it.

    If you connections is "off" at the end of the lease, then the next time you turn "on" your connection, it *SHOULD* acquire a new IP, and start a new lease.

    You could try unplugging your modem for literally 3 days, and see if it works.

    Why do you need to change your IP addy?
  5. k.jacko

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    he's been a naughty boy on some forums i reckon :stickout:
  6. Rukasuzu

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    nah I just wanted to change it cause I'm curius :p

    nah I just wanted to change it cause I'm curious :p
    It safer to change it anyways in a while :D
    I had a problem with the network, it would disconnect me and others so I did ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, so now my connection is fine, I think,
    I hope that my ip changes soon :p Says lease expires November 22 :p
  7. jobeard

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    as long as you have a router between your modem and the system(s), the WAN ip address is immaterial (unless you've be banned somewhere as mentioned above)
  8. Rukasuzu

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    nah I'm not banned of any sites :p

    nah I'm not banned on any sites :p
    If it can't be changed then that's fine.
    Oh well :p
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