How can I manage data on my PC?

By abrahamseth1977
Jul 9, 2010
  1. I have 1 TB Hard Drive and 750 GB space occupied with my data.
    I need to free some space to remove unused or large size data.

    Anyone can help me to guide how can i manage my data? how can I view data the which files are largest or unused or duplicate cause occupy space?

    Is any software or tool to viewing data and finding duplicate files and removing them to freing space on my hard drive?

    thanx to allow a qurey here.
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  3. abrahamseth1977

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    How can I manage my data on my pc?

    Thanx you JMMD to give valueable suggestion.

    I found an application after reading reviews of users and experts on Cnet.
    I used it for the same on yesterday.
    I quite happy with that application named Advanced System Optimizer.

    1. I could view my large 100 files by its Disk Explorer and removed unused file to save space around 10GB :).
    2. I could find duplicate files by its Duplicate Files Remover and removed all duplicate except original one and saved around 5GB space :).
    this is a good application for me.
    thanx you and Cnet to provide a good tool. :)
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