How Do I Find Out MY Serial Number/Product Key?

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Nov 17, 2008
  1. I am going to be formatting a computer that currently has Windows XP and I want to use that same serial number/product key when I reinstall Windows XP on that machine. How do I find out the number? Is it the same number as if I were to R-click MY COMPUTER?
  2. aspirulito

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    You should have it on the sticker that came with your copy of windows. My computer properties does not show the installation number.
  3. purepwnstar

    purepwnstar TS Rookie

    There are Third Party Tools out there that u can buy that will retrieve every Serial u have installed on that PC. There are a few Free tools as well but will probably end up asking you to buy the product before actually giving you the Key/s.

    You can find your key in the Registry in earlier versions of Windows but is near impossible in XP/Vista

    Google is our bestfriend in this situation lol
  4. NunjaBusiness

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    You just need SIW (System Information for Windows) from here

    Awesome program, will tell you all you need and probably more than you can ever use. I use it daily to document keys, software versions, and hardware drivers, etc. on users' systems. Free of course.
  5. LookinAround

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    SIW is a good tool.

    But if all you want to retrieve are Windows product keys take a look here
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