How do I hook up Xbox 360 to PC (Windows XP)?

By ak47gman01
Feb 4, 2010
  1. I Dont want to unscrew my hdd 20gb harddrive or buy an adapter cord! Any solutions??

    my gamertag:

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    Your thread title asks how to connect your 360 to your PC. A simple google shows plenty of results the following being the official guide.

    But then in the thread you seem to be asking something else...are you trying to get content OFF your 360? Are you trying to transfer stuff from your old 20gb HDD to a new one? Did you get ANOTHER 360 and are trying to transfer content? You didn't give a lot of information...

    First off, if you bought a new HDD it should come with a transfer kit. If it didn't I believe you can request one if you contact support. If you have two 360's and want to transfer content from one to the other I believe you just need to connect them both up to your network and link licenses at All of these situations have good guides on just search for them. Some might even have a video.

    Now if you're trying to do something outside the norm, like hack certain content on your 360 I don't think there will be an easy step for that.
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