How do I make a bootable CD to run gparted?

By KrisMcNic2!
Jan 27, 2009
  1. I am at the end of my string here & am suffering from information overload.

    I've searched in Google, but all I seem to find is how to make a CD to reinstall XP.

    The problem is I have a Dell Optiplex GX270, that I bought from 123 Compute with a stripped down version of Windows XP Pro & of course it came without the XP installation disks. I have downloaded ImgBurn but to make the CD bootable I have to extract the boot data from the "Installation Disk" which I don't have. Is there not a way that I can extract the data from my Hard drive, I tried but it said that I could not save it to the C: drive, does this mean I need a 2nd Hard Drive, if so then I can always borrow my other computer's C: drive to do the deed.

    All I want to do is make a bootable disk to run gparted to see if we can save a friends Hard drive that Nero Express Essentials squeezed down from 20 Gig to 7 Gig when he tried to copy his old C; drive to a bigger one, but ended up with 2 small drives instead. We suspect that it was partitioned & the 2nd partition is invisible. :suspiciou

    Any & all help would be appreciated. :)
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    Thanks guys! I have had gparted since November but got hung up trying to make a boot disk, couldn't see the Forest for the Trees. Never thought that the ISO file was self booting. :blush:

    Burned it & gave it a quick test run just to see if it would load. After a couple of false starts, forgot to change my boot sequence then forgot to move the CD from my Burner to my reader :blush: Everything looks OK!

    Thanks LNCPapa for the update info I had downloaded from Forge, but will go back & get the newest version. :grinthumb

    I will go back to my original post
    to give everybody an update on how that ends up.

    Now on to learning how to Ghost, will try DriveImage as it is free & be all ready for the weekend to dive back into Ronny's Hard Drive problem.
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