How do I record .avi to dvd?

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Hi there

I have a load of avi files that I want to convert and burn to DVD so I can a) remove them from my PC and free up some much needed space, and b) watch them on a normal DVD player and TV.

I have a CD writer drive on my PC, but not a DVD burner. However, I do have a recordable DVD player linked to my TV. Can anyone advise me how I set about transferring all these avi files to DVD? I wonder if I can link up my DVD recorder to my PC with the use of some kind of lead, perhaps from Maplin or Radio Shack?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks folks.


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You may be able to use the composite out (yellow) and a headphone to RCA cable (red and white) to run to those inputs on your dvd recorder. I've never heard of anyone doing that, but people output to tvs that way so it might work. You'd just need to have the resolution set to something low like 800x600 and fullscreened the video when you start recording. Would be interesting to see if that works......

Or you could pay $25 and get a DVD burner, then use some software like ConvertXtoDVD which is incredibly easy to use. You can do it with free software too, but it can get complex quickly. Lots of tutorials on

Have you explored burning a video cd (VCD)? You can convert your AVI file to MPEG1 and burn to a cd that will play in your dvd player. The quality is much less than that of a dvd but it sounds like this may be what you are looking for. It has been a while since I have made A VCD so I am not sure of the software that is available but doing a quick search on google I found this:

"Blaze Media Pro."
do a search for it I can't post links yet.

Haven't tried it but it claims to be able to convert the file and burn the VCD for you.

You will need:

AVI to MPEG1 converter.
VCD burning software.

search for these on google if the above doesn't work for you.



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I know that the retail version of Nero will convert an AVI into DVD but you'll have to have a DVD burner to burn the DVD of course. Nero will also convert AVI to MPEG (Video CD) and burn that to a CD. I have two DVD players that will play Video CD format. Heck, Nero will convert an AVI to DVD and burn it on a CD if you coax it into doing so, but I don't know if your CD will play a DVD file from a CD. Maybe you just need Nero?


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Video CD is MPEG 1. It's only half the resolution of DVD-Video or 320 X 240. Trust me, it's not the answer.
Using the composite video output to your stand alone DVD-player might work, as SNGX1275 has suggested. However TV output from a computer is not the ideal situation either. The DVD recorder will recompress the video file and digital to digital winds up looking a bit shabby. Not on topic, but sometimes VHS tape to a stand alone DVD recorder produces better results than digital to digital re-recording.
Try, as Cinders said to find a copy of Nero. Any full retail version will have the codecs you need. I am quite happy with Nero 6, and you should be able to find a used copy of that fairly easily. Nero 6 doesn't need to be registered or activated so you would be able to purchase a used copy knowing you'd be able to use it. You would however, need the correct serial number.


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A third alternative is to buy a cheap dvd player (like a philips) that plays divx/xvid. Although I still believe just buying a $25 dvd burner is the best solution.


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Also if you have a good graphics card with a S-Video socket on it, you may be able to connect your DVD player to your Computer but i havent tried this my self, I usually use it to connect my laptop to my TV but i suppose it would work for the DVD player also.


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I Forgot to Mention......

SNGX1275 said:
Although I still believe just buying a $25 dvd burner is the best solution.
There's a slight whoops in my earlier post. I sort of forgot to mention that it would be necessary to buy a DVD burner along with Nero 6.
Total video converter can be used 15 days free, you can convert any videos to VIDEOcd and burn to videocd.
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