How do I reformat my disk & keep my expensive 07 small office suite when I lost CDs?

By jellzey ยท 4 replies
Apr 7, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I am having a delima. I have Microsoft Small office 2007 that I paid a pretty penny for. I had recently moved and now I have corrupt files and I need to reformat my hard drive disk and set it back to zero, but I don't have the Cd's I have looked every where. My computer is a running on vista by the way.

    How can I reformat my disk and keep my 07 office suite?
    How do I know if the operation files for the sueit is corrupt?
    How do I mirror just that program?

    I have backed up every thing I need on my desk top hard drive so that I can reformat. I have the CD that my emachine came with so I can reformat the disk. I just want to keep that suite b/c it cost so much. I can't find the disk for the suite. When I activated my sueit is there any way that I can download the files from the activation. I don't have the activation codes or any thing I was just wondering.

    My computer is acting slow and I have avg on there as well and ccleaner and I just want those three to be mirrored is there and way that that I can single those programs out to be mirrored?
    And how do I mirror everything when I a done?
  2. kimsland

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    Microsoft will re-supply you with the lost Office CDs at a significantly reduced cost
    Just contact them and quote your license key to them
  3. LinkedKube

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    This is true, happened to me a few years back, cost me 9.99 plus 4.99 for shipping or something like that for the disk.
  4. jellzey

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    I think that I found my registure key for it but where do I go and do you know the link? And does anyone know how to answer my other questions? And well what id I don't have a cd burner is it just a download or do they actually mail it to you?


    Janet Ellzey

    How longe did it take for you to get it in the mail?
  5. kimsland

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    No there is no use "mirroring" those single programs (not sure if you mean backup or image?) But either way you cannot backup programs, that's where the CD (or download the latest program from the web) comes in ;)

    By the way I find AVG to be quite useless, even today a user changed over to Avira and found 15 extra Viruses (also removed successfully by free Avira)

    If you need to image your computer when finished, here are quite a few programs to select from for doing that:

    As for how long it takes to get your Office CD, I'm sure MS will inform you of this when you contact them, I'd say allow 6 weeks
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