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How do I test memory speed?

By teklord ยท 6 replies
May 3, 2008
  1. I need to test how fast my memory sticks are operating. I have 512mb x 2 installed and they are supposed to be operating at 400 mhz, but if they aren't operating at that speed, then I want to install 1GB x 2 because my system will not handle that much memory at 400 mhz speed (I already tried), but should be able to at the 333 mhz speed. If anyone know a way to check the actual memory speed capabilities and settings of my system, I would be very grateful. Thank you all.
  2. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 483

    I found another thread on TechSpot that mentioned the utility I was looking for, it's called CPU-Z and I highly recommend to determine what your system can handle for RAM, etc. Now my question is, what is the maximum speed latency my system can handle? My CPU has bus speed of 100 MHz with Rated FSB speed of 400.0 MHz. So that means the fastest this CPU can handle is approximately PC2100 without any wasted bandwidth?

    My system can't handle dual-channel BTW. Since it is non-dual channel will the increased bandwidth of my current memory (400 or PC3200) help in this regard? Thank you all for reading my post.
  3. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 470

    The RAM sticks have a little chip on them that contains the SPD infromation, the motherboard reads it at POST and sets the divider and timming acordingly. I don't know the memory dividers avalible on your motherboard, 1:1 may well be fastest so DDR-200 would be it. The tightest timings are 2-2-2-5, . Any good DDR-400 would be able to reach those timings at that slow of speed, whether the mobo will set them there from SPD I don't know. You may be able to manually set them if you BIOS has those options. With out knowing more about the motherboard you have it's just impossible to answer.
  4. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 483

    Thanks for reply Mirob. I'm getting 2-2-2-5 timings according to CPU-Z but it also states that the DRAM Frequency is 133 MHz, so I don't think I am getting all I can out of my PC3200/400 memory sticks. My mobo is a MSI MS-6577 and the HP website states "Supports DDR 333/266/200 memory", so something seems off to me.
  5. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 470

    4:3 probably is it's highest divider so with a 100MHz (400MHz quad-pumped) CPU it runs 133MHz (DDR-266.) If you had a 533MHz bus CPU you could run DDR-333.
  6. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 483

    My PC Manufacturer's website says the MSI MS-6577 mobo "Supports DDR 333/266/200 memory" & has "FSB 400/533". Do I have to manually adjust the BIOS setting to get my memory to run @ DDR-333? Thanks again for replies

    Nevermind, you said I need a 533 MHz bus "CPU" and mine is a 2.8 GHz Celeron with 400 FSB. You wouldn't happen to know if my mobo supports Hyper-Threading technology would you? Thanks again
  7. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    No. Just insert the memory the board supports, and be sure it is all the same brand and model, or at least has the same timings. The board will run the memory at the speed of the slowest module, automatically.
    Discussing a Celeron on this forum will get you a few chuckles... the Celeron doesn't much care about the memory modules.
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