How do I use Win XP Pro to upgrade "newer version" of Win XP Home?

By dwillard
Nov 19, 2010
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  1. Today I tried to upgrade an installation of Win XP Home to Win XP Pro. I immediately got a message that I could not do this upgrade because the installed version of Win XP Home is more recent than the Win XP Pro upgrade. Well, yes, with the installation of Service Pack 3, the Win XP Home version is "newer" than the Win XP SP2 install disk.

    As I also had a more recent version of Win XP Pro on hand, for the sake of being thorough, I tried to use it for an upgrade and got the same result.

    Adding insult to injury, when I installed Win XP Pro on another hard drive in the same computer then tried to migrate my settings from Win XP Home to Win XP Pro, Win XP Pro would not recognize the files from Win XP Home as valid data files. I tried this perhaps 4 time total, as I recall, using both a Zip drive disk and a removable hard drive. Same results every time,

    There appears to be some kind of lock or firewall preventing the two systems from communicating.

    Any thoughts on how I can work around this?



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