How many operating systems do you typically use between work and play?


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W10 for main PC, W7 as a box to serve up Plex, W8.1 for phone, W8.1 RT for in bed, iOS for when I need a tab when I'm out.
/Don't know if Roku TV counts as a OS


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Usually use vista on 2/3 computers as the mainstay because I'm disgusted with win 8/8.1 and how people were trained to use its cutsie tiles and then microsoft pulled the mat out from under us and changed back to desktop view. Do you realize the steps you make to end an app on win 8? I use windows 10 for quickies like playing youtube songs or posting something quick on facebook. It boots fast SOMETIMES. Was also using ios not of the latest version and then my iphone went thru the laundry because I had new pants and it was falling out of the big pockets and I put it in the front pocket and overlooked it. For the 2 days it was out of order I was using android, but I put the iphone in rice but what really did the trick to fix it that I thought of myself was to blow dry it. Almost back to ios when the water evaporates from the display. Rugged phone. The ooma internet land line phone I make most of my calls on runs on a version of linux. In addendum, the phone doesn't work. It crashes after about 5 minutes of being up.
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I'd say about 3.5. I have Windows 7 on my desktop gaming computer, (that is honestly used more for watching movies/tv or general use than gaming). I have an Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) that probably sees more gaming than my PC. I have a Chromebook for occasional mobile computing when I feel like getting more done than is easy to do on my phone. I also have an Amazon Fire TV and the cheap Fire, which are technically Android but not really, that provide better video streaming than my phone, reading for books I get on Amazon, music, etc. Oh, I also have a Nook. So I guess 4.5?


Android 4.4 on our mobile phones (2).
Android 5.x on our tablet (1).
Windows 10 on all computers (4).
Windows7 home PC, Windows 10 work PC, Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS servers (I SSH to check up on things from time to time during the day), Android phone. I'd say android is the most annoying, I am using CyanogenMod for my LG G2 and its got some issues. Overall windows is OK, linux is OK when it works.


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Windows 10 at for the phone. work is win 7 - work tablets are unfortunately ipads...the developers hate the ipad....the technicians using the ipad hate the ipad...the only person who loves the ipad is the ***** who ordered them. we are trying to convert to windows tablets so we can use the majority of the software required for business. the ipad runs out of memory and shuts off....or overheats and shuts off....or crashes and shuts off.

don't get me wrong they are great TOYS...expensive toy really for how little it does ... but they are still nice. just NOT recommended for anything business related!!


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My work laptop is Windows 10 and so are all my home computers.
My phone, work phone and tablet are iOS.

But since this is "Typically work with during the week" I'll have to add these:

Datto OS (forked version of some linux distro)
Fireware XTM OS (Watchguard Firewalls)
Cisco IOS 12.4 (Crappy Cisco Aironets I've been resetting for the last month)
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003r2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008r2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012r2
Windows Small Business Server 2008
Windows Small Business Server 2011
Windows Server 2012 Essentials

I even went on an old Windows NT box recently!

That's all I can think of that I've dealt with recently, I'm sure I'm missing some though.
I've setup a few HP MSA 2040 SAN's recently, not sure if the firmware on those count as an OS as well.
I also deal with a lot of VMware ESXi 5.x and 6.0 environments if you want to add those?

I guess the count overall would be 17 that I've dealt with on a regular basis this year.
But again, depends on if you count certain ones as OS's or not. I personally wouldn't count Cisco IOS or SAN as OS's. so more like 15.


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Windows 10 on my laptop and gaming PC. Android on my phone. With these 3 devices I get all the job done!


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Android Phones/Tablets
Win 7 on my gaming rig
Two Ubuntu servers for NAS storage via ZFS
Ubuntu Laptop for work access
Two Win 7 HTPCs in the house.

@ work, tons of various Linux VMs for servers (more then 40, and that's just what I use for my projects). Very few 2008 windows servers (2 come to mind). These are just my projects, dunno what other developers use.

Don Jewell

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You don't like 8 and you use Vista? Most famous for its "blue screen of death" error? Why not at least get a newer, and more supported box with Win 7?
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Win 10 HTPC
Win 10 Gaming PC
Win 10 Bedroom Laptop
Win 10 Work Laptop
Server 2012 - For my Emby Server
Numerous Servers at work with - 2012 r2/Essentials, 2010 r2
Android running on Galaxy s6 Edge
IOS Running on Iphone used for client testing


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You don't like 8 and you use Vista? Most famous for its "blue screen of death" error? Why not at least get a newer, and more supported box with Win 7?
Yeah I read this and cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would use Vista over 7 if they don't like 8 or 10. It makes me cringe just to think of all of the driver and blue screens I dealt with back when vista was around. I would have to think they enjoyed windows ME as well haha.


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Personal computer: Windows 10
Work computer: OS X 10.11 (needed for work, but I would have preferred it for work anyway to keep some disconnect between home and work)
Phone: Android 6.0
TV: Android 6.0


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You don't like 8 and you use Vista? Most famous for its "blue screen of death" error? Why not at least get a newer, and more supported box with Win 7?
I must have a lot of time on my hands to tune my computers because the last bsod was 6 months ago due to memory which resolved itself. My computers just don't ever crash or even give error messages, altho one overheated because the power line is 128 volts (for 2 months yet.) Keyboard and and mouse seemed permanently unresponsive but I got it to work by magic. Installed another fan I didn't have running. I do have win 8.1 and win 10 installed dual boot used occasionally, but I grew fond of the software I had like songbird and blu ray players which just doesn't run on 8.1 or 10. Blue ray players can cost $200. I also have a lot of giveawayoftheday and game.giveawayoftheday software installed which cannot be put on a new installation as it only allows installation on the day it was given away. Upgrading to 7, 8.1, or 10 would just not have allowed it to work based on previous experience. The city of la where I worked is still using mainframes, so me using a 2007 computer is not that old. Drivers don't work either and I just don't have the budget to buy new every 3 years. I have android jelly bean and and iphone, perhaps getting away from windows like many have. May work on a hackintosh to program iphone as I program android, but that's not exactly kosher. Had a $2500 macbook pro but returned it due to 10 errors.


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Everything at work is Win7 Enterprise
Everything at home is 8.1 or 10 Pro (for bitlocker) except our toddler uses Android (Samsung Kid's Tab 3)
Our phones are Windows 10