Build a PC How much RAM is in your computer?



The max (8GB) because of the fact that I have like over 9000 tabs + programs open.


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16 GB of 2400 DDR 3 on a Asus Z97 with a 4790K.
System sips 90 watts for everyday stuff and turbo's up to 4.4 GHz when needed.
Couldn't be happier; speed on the fly when needed, doing my part to lower power consumption and stable as all get up! 16 GB for encoding, editing and gaming works
just fine for me with plenty to spare...

Sir Alex Ice

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24Gb (2x8 + 2x4), should be 32Gb but I have not bought them all yet. And the plan is for the 2x4 to go to my fathers PC... when I manage to convince him to accept upgrading to 1150.


16GB - More than I will likely ever need but I prefer to have more than enough than not enough.
8GB for laptop.

Originally 8GB for desktop. About a year in I realized I was maxing out usage with a VM/game + tabs, so decided to upgrade to 16GB. I bought 2x8GB so that I'd have the slots to insert even more RAM down the road, but instead of doing anything with the old 2x4GB, I just left them in, so now the desktop is at 24GB. Usage seems to be sticking around 12-13GB nowadays.


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I've got 16 GB in all my computers. With that amount, I have virtual memory turned off and I never run out of memory. Saves a bit of wear and tear on the SSDs.
PC 16GB (chrome, vmware)
Laptop 8GB (everyday usage, web)
Soekris 512MB (firewall, proxy)
Laptop 2GB (testing horse for linux/unix)


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4GB atm but ny new pc in 1-2 weeks gonna have 8GB maybe 16GB if I decide to spend more of my paycheck :D


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9GB in my desktop (i7 Nehalem 2.66ghz with triple Channel so 3x1GB and 3x2Gb)

8Gb in my MacBook Pro

32GB in my work iMac (for virtualisation with VMware fusion)