Build a PC How much RAM is in your computer?


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8 GB in the desktop I am typing this from, 16 GB on my gaming laptop, 2 GB on my Win8 tablet and soon to be 3 GB on my LG G4.


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2 GB in the 2-in-1 convertible (Asus Transformer)
6GB in the laptop
8GB in my workstation
16GB on my VM server

-- haven't run into memory shortage so far.


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8 GB DDR 2 1066 in multimedia server, 16 GB DDR3 1866 in the main family computer and 16 GB DDR3 2400 in the gaming rig. And 4 GB in a Windows 8 tablet, not very often used.

Jad Chaar

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8Gb in my PC and 6GB in the iMac I use daily (I would have put 8 but one of the slots is busted). Gonna probably get a PC in the near future with 16.


I'm using 8gb ddr3-1600mhz non ECC on my LGA 2011 Xeon E5-2670 gaming rig and it is plenty for my light editing and gaming needs, haven't run into any memory issues yet.
I've tried 16gb on Adobe Afther Effects and that reduced my rendering times by half, but other than that I still think 8gb is plenty for most of my daily needs.
My secunday gaming pc that I use for streaming it uses an AMD FX8350 with the same amount: 8gb ddr3-1600mhz, no issues whatsoever streaming at 720p.


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8GB of RAM for the last five years now, and I find it to be plenty. I think 8GB is the sweet spot right now, with 4GB being the minimum anyone should have.


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Side note while we are having so much fun. RAM can remember anything you load into it as long as the lights don’t go out.
So RAM and the NFL have more in common than just being three letter acronyms!

Cycloid Torus

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DDR2 - just 4GB on desktop and 2GB on laptop - if anyone has upgraded and has some old DDR2 kicking around, I would love to mooch it.


First is:
MOBO - Asus P8P67 Deluxe
RAM - Corsair Domminator DDR3 2000mhz 3x2GB - 6GB Total
CPU - 2600k @ 4.6ghz with Corsair H100 water cooling
GFX - Zotac AMP GTX 680 - Stock
SSD - OCZ Agility 3 - 2x 128GB - RAID 0
POWER - 850w Thermaltake - don't remember the model
SCREEN - Samsung Syncmaster S27A950 D 120hz - 27"

This PC is abit old school now but it gets the job done nicely still , however I do have some issues with some games and apps using up all the 6gb of ram and then having to use my SSD's pagefile. I never had any issues with ram untill about a year ago, when I in counted GTA IV + mods & Skyrim + Mods, after that it was AC: UNITY and some other games. I was also having problems opening 100mb+ PDF's for work, Ive had this PC for about 4 years now, so I got my moneys worth.

Second is:
MOBO - Asus X99-A
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 - 2400mhz 4x4GB - 16GB Total
CPU - 5930k @ 4.6ghz with NZXT Kraken water cooling
GFX - Zotac AMP GTX 980 Extreme Ed
SSD - Samsung - 2x 256 PRO - RAID 0
Power - Corsair AX Platinum 850w
SCREEN - Asus ROG Swift G-Sync 144hz - 27"

My new PC is simply a BEAST. BUT! ive have had some problems with mobo BIOS and booting, but apart from that I cant see my self buying a new PC for at least another 3-4 years.

Unless you use photo editing software, video editing software or something that uses missives amounts of ram and data. So having more 16gb+ for your every day gamer - office worker is complete overkill.

although its nice to have more then not enough :D


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Htpc, best, system has eight gig, other custom computer has four gig, lapto has two gig, not sure of other systems.


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I got 4GB when I upgraded my PC on January 2011

I added another 4GB on August 2012 when it was cheap, so now I'm using 8GB.

Most games don't use more than 4-5GB so I'm good for now. On the next upgrade I will go with 16GB for "futureproofing". My pagefile is fixed at 1GB just in case some program needs it.


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12 GB in my main gaming rig, GTA V is the first game to push total system usage past 7 GB

12GB in my media server/other rig, never really needed to put that much RAM in there but why not

Minimum 16 GB in my next build if not 32 just to be safe


I wonder how much performance difference would be if you put that GTX 980 to your 2600k at 4.6ghz,
would it perform the same as the 5930k 4.6ghz on games?
I'm just saying this because if you got the new pc only for gaming, I think it may have been not the best choice as the old one was beefy enough.


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Intel core 2 duo laptop, 1.6ghz, 2gb ddr2-800
intel core i3-530 desktop, 4gb ddr3-1600
intel core i5-3570k desktop, 8gb ddr3-1600; r.I.p. asrock z77 extreme4, no mobo replacement yet