Build a PC How much RAM is in your computer?



Got 8gb in my gaming PC and 8gb in my 13" Macbook Pro.

I've had the PC for 3 years now and never felt the need to upgrade memory. Even when I tried running 3 EVE online clients at the same time plus Excel and Firefox with more tabs than I can count, it still performed like a champ. Most of the games I play these days can't even make proper use of anything past 3-4 gigs it seems and now that I use my Macbook Pro for everything else when multitasking, my PC is only running the game in question and nothing else. I'll stick 16gb in for future proofing though when I upgrade to Skylake.

As for my Mac, I've seen the pagefile creep to 3gb when running a crapton of stuff, which I rarely do, but it never seems to slow down thanks to that blazingly fast SSD.


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I've replaced my desktop PC-s every 3-4 years, with consistent 4x memory upgrades:

* Had one with 512MB when XP just came out,
* Then one with 2GB for XP still, then installed Vista on it;
* 8GB, for early Windows 7 versions;
* 32GB, from summer, 2013.

My current one, with 32GB is the first PC where I see the memory being truly wasted. I should have gone for 16GB back then.

However, If I were to buy a new PC today, I would get 32GB again for sure, because it is now much cheaper, and I have apps that can use lots of memory.


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4GB should be enough for media center, even with chrome. 8GB is usually plenty for gamer/casual user.

I have 16gb on Windows desktop for visual studio programming, 3dsmax and virtualbox (for Linux). 8GB on windoze only laptop (for VS), and 4GB on Linux only laptop.


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You do realize your RAM is as good in memorizing things as a demented eighty year old grandpa?

wow ... but a demented eighty year old grandpa probably has a better sense of humour than you :)

Side note while we are having so much fun. RAM can remember anything you load into it as long as the lights don’t go out.


2 x 4 GB on the PC, it's not enough and I need to get 16 really
4 x 8 GB on the laptop, 8 GB was a present from a friend whose laptop didn't accept 8 GB SODIMM


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Still rocking 4GB of DDR2 in my 2010 Core 2 Duo general purpose/gaming build. I'm looking at 8 or 16 for my next build, if I am able to do it this year.


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4GB in Work PC
8GB in Gaming PC
8GB in Main Laptop
4GB in Linux Laptop

16GB in new Gaming PC build this year. I'm finding that 8GB is good, but could use just a little more.


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16GB. Funny how it wasn't that long ago if you had more than 4GB the "experts" were tell you it was wasted memory.

Well they were still correct in a way since by the time 16gb was the new standard your socket would have been outdated. Hence you would have been forced to upgrade from DDR2 to 3.


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My x58 build is old now but using 12GB.

When I upgrade to Skylake or broadwell E I will go with 16GB of ram or 32GB depending on DDR4 pricing.


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16GB. Funny how it wasn't that long ago if you had more than 4GB the "experts" were tell you it was wasted memory.

They might have been referring to 32bit systems, which only use 3.2GB.
Still, while I agree its good to have atleast 6-8GB minimum, having more then 4GB RAM is still mostly useless for 90% of users.

For games though?
Definitely, Far Cry 4 was using a crapload.
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First thought I had was, mine is bigger than yours.... Still sounds that way.