Build a PC How much RAM is in your computer?


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For now 24GB on X58. No pagefile and with RamDisk, but it's tight so X99 is coming with 32 or 64GB. Will see. Perhaps NVMe will solve the problem of slow storage.


8 GB on gaming rig with triple monitors.
16 GB on work laptop.
32 GB on work desktop.
Don't ask, but 8 GB is more than enough for me so far even with 20+ tabs open.


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16 Gb in the form of matched pair of 8 Gb Crucial DDR3 1866MHz Vengeance Memory. Still have pair of spare slots if I wish to increase memory in future but I suspect 16 Gb is sufficient for now.


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My desktop currently has 16gb of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 at 2666mhz
My laptop has 12gb of DDR3 1600mhz.

The 16gb of my desktop gets a bit more use than my laptops 12gb.


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And if 8GB wasn't enough I do believe my machine would crash, because I have my Pagefile turned off. Until I run into problems with lack of memory, I'm not worried about having more.
Granted there is a lot of information for and against pagefiles, I did not think completely turning off the pagefile was a wise choice regardless of how much memory you have installed. The only tweak to pagefile I make is to move it off my OS drive and onto a secondary data drive. I could be wrong. There is a lot of articles saying do this or do that, but if you're happy with performance, then I guess stick with what you have setup.

To quote an article on pagefiles I read a while back:

No matter how much RAM you have, you want the system to be able to use it efficiently. Not having a page file at all forces the operating system to use RAM inefficiently for two reasons:
First, it cannot make pages discardable, even if they have not been accessed or modified in a very long time, which forces the disk cache to be smaller.
Second, it has to reserve physical RAM to back allocations that are very unlikely to ever require it (for example, a private, modifiable file mapping), leading to a case where you can have plenty of free physical RAM and yet allocations are refused to avoid over-committing.


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32GB. For what reason, I don't know because 16GB was just fine. I guess I just had extra money to spend.


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Side note while we are having so much fun. RAM can remember anything you load into it as long as the lights don’t go out.
So RAM and the NFL have more in common than just being three letter acronyms!

I'm pretty sure that Browns player deserved that.


24GB in desktop computer (audio production, gaming, everyday use)
16GB in laptop (audio production, everyday use)
8GB in server (active directory, dns, file server 8GB is all I need)


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32 GB in my workstation / gaming PC - mostly used for Video / audio / photo production but I also do some gaming on it.

16 gb on my laptop (overkill since I mostly use it for browsing now), but I still use it for some gaming.


8GB in my 6 or 7 year old desktop (maxed it out when I built it)
6GB in my laptop
8GB in my wife's laptop

16GB in my work laptop (mobile workstation)
32GB in my work workstation for ANSYS prep/post

512GB per node on the dual 12-core ANSYS solver. 2 nodes for a total of 48 cores, 1TB of RAM.


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16 gigs... I'm sure thats good for average ppl. Tho I want for my next PC 32 for sure. Never can have enough Ram...