How to back up windows system

By 18sx
Apr 4, 2008
  1. Dude,

    How to make a recovery cd or whatever you called it?
    so next time when i feel i want to format my lappie, i can use that cd, and everything is fine. so i don't have to lose my vista license key.

    I just bought HP Tx 2028, before messing up with the system, i need to create a back up or something like that, so i can safely experimenting my lappie.
    because the lappie came without vista dvd, only recovery disk which is i hard to understand.

    can anyone refer me to complete guide of backing up using any third party software or what ever,\\
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Have a look at these 2
    Acronis True Image

    Seems most users prefer Acronis over Ghost for creating complete images of your drive, it's basically user friendly.
    But I prefer Ghost, only because restoring the image does not include any ghost software whatsoever, where-as restoring Acronis will include some Acronis program files being restored with it.
  3. 18sx

    18sx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    thx KIMSLAND

    can you provide me with a link a complete guide using norton ghost.
  4. gbhall

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    I am reasonably certain that a drive image is what 18sx is after, but for your education...18sx

    A drive image is what acronis and ghost do - they produce an exact copy of your hard drive (or one partition of it as desired) onto some backup media, which can be multiple CD's, multiple DVD's or an additional hard drive. Then if your system is broken in any way, shape or form, you can recover it to the exact state it was when you backed it up. Any later changes such as MS bug-repairs and the like have to be repeated all over again.

    On the other hand, a recovery CD will be not a CD at all, but a special hidden partition on your laptap hard drive which contains a complete re-install of the OS (vista in your case). You activate this re-install by methods to be found in your PC instruction book. There are many drawbacks to this process. First it will restore you to an initial state where you are exactly where you were when the machine hove into view. You will have to go through all the registration processes, remove all the 'crud' that HP gratuitiously dumped on you, reinstall all the applications you may have added, re-apply all the MS updates of the last several months, and lose all your own work that you will have accumulated in the months since you brought the laptop home. Hardly worth it is it?
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