How to change BIOS to accept new RAM on a eMachine T3120

I just try to install KOMPUTERBAY 1GB DDR DIMM (184 PIN) 400Mhz PC3200 DDR400 DESKTOP MEMORY on a EMachine T3120. With 2 sticks of mem, it started beeping and it would not boot. With one stick it will boot but after a few seconds it will go to the Blue Screen of Death.

When I replaced the 512mb ram original it all went back to normal. I thought I had the wrong RAM since it look different from the old (see attached picture) but I was told I might had to do something to the BIOS. Any ideas?



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Your're gonna have to look for a long time... It is time to change out of that eMachine into something you can learn on, and enjoy. The life expectancy of eMachines among our clients has been very short.
There isn't anybody at eMachines that can help you on this issue either.
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This is my sister-in-law's computer. She had it forever and do not want to part from it. I can not begin to tell you how many times I had to fix it. The best thing is it has Window XP. I figured with more memory it may last her a few more years.

But I want to know what I am doing before start messing with the BIOS. Anyone can point me to a solution?


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The RAM modules may not be getting a good seat. I've had this issue with new modules before. After installing and removing a few times, they started working better.

I'm not sure if messing with BIOS settings will help or not. Default settings have always worked for me. Then again I have always used generic memory modules too.


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PC3200 Is ment for that board. I myself have a emachines older model(T6212) And i installed the same RAM,

Here is what i did,
1)Remove your 512mb
2) Put 1gb in slot "1"
3) Put 1gb in slot "3"
4) Turn on your computer
It should auto detect your RAM, Hope that works
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This is what happenned...

I removed the old 512mb and placed the 2, 1 GB sticks. Turned on the computer but I got a constant beep sound and it would not boot up.

I removed one of the sticks, and turned on the computer. The computer booted up but then I got the blue screen of death.

I removed the 1 GB stick left and installed the old 512mb and it worked correctly.

Tried the same things with other computer and got the same result.

Please look at the picture of the ram stick attached to this thread. I find it odd looking. My current 1 GB sticks have 4 modules on each side. This one has several all over. I originally thought, it was a ddr2 but if it was, it should not go into the slot as the dent in the stick will be in a different position.

Any ideas?


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Sounds as if some of those modules are not compatible with that board, due to size or speed, but do fit the slot?
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Yes, it fits in the slot

I lined up the old and new sticks and the holes match perfectly. However, the modules (i do not know if that is the right term) look different.


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Modules can appear differently from manufacturer to manufacturer and manufacturing process...
in a given year.

What is the usual problem is the maximum capacity of the modules... the motherboard "decides" that issue. The system board manufacturing process looks for a certain capacity and a specific range of speeds. Exceed those parameters and the board will not accept the module. Also, on higher technology system boards, they may actually look for specific memory modules based upon specific parameters, the manufacturer or memory speed ratings. See if you can see a manufacturing date or code, or the brand and model imprinted on the system board.
You can usually find this information on what the system board will accept by doing some laborious searching on line.


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The specifications for that memory should work with your system. I had a similar system (eMachine W3502) that I upgraded with "PNY 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory".

Memory Upgrade for eMachines eMachines T3120 Computer
Memory Upgrade for eMachines eMachines T3120 Computer, the eMachines eMachines T3120 Computer takes the PC3200 DDR SDRAM DIMMs. Memory Type, and comes installed with 512 MB (removable) of Memory. You can upgrade your eMachines eMachines T3120 Computer to up to a maximum of 2.0 GB Memory, the system has 2 sockets to install Memory, already with 512 MB (removable) standard Memory installed. For best Computer performance use the maximum amount of allowed Memory per slot for your Computer.


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There are actually three different motherboards for that T3120... Be sure both of your memory modules are either DDR 400 PC3200, or DDR 266 PC2100, or DDR 333 PC2700, (and that both modules are the same) Slower DDR is better... those eMachine motherboards in the T3120 are known to be difficult and unreliable because the system boards are made on the cheap under license... they have a tendency to curl a bit, and have a high failure rate. When they are dead they stay dead.