How to enable password prompt on network computers?

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Jun 9, 2010
  1. Hello all, here's my prob, in windows 7, when you click on network (previously my network places) you can see all computers that are on the domain. When I double click on a computer I can access it and see all of their shared files and folders.Now what I want to do is when I double click a computer to access it, I want windows to prompt me for a username and password. I am in a domain enviroment with about 15 computers. Domain controller is server 08 enterprise r2 and all client computers are running windows 7 professinal.
    Pease help! thanks.
  2. Burty117

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    when you say "Network" do you mean "Device and Printers"??

    When you click into a computer at the moment are you able to access any shared files and folders on the machines?
  3. LakeyDaKidd

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    no not devices and printers, "network". XP calls it my network places and 7 just calls it network, if its not listed in the start menu you can see it when you open my computer and it will be on the left hand side of the window. You click on that and you'll be able to see all computers connected to the network.

    Yes, when I click on a computer I can access everything that is being shared. But i'm not concerned about the files I just want a username and password prompt to pop up when accessing a computer.

  4. Burty117

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    I have a similar issue at work for a client and I cannot think of a solution? because the users are all "domain users" and the computers are on the domain then they can access each other, although when creating a folder or such on each computer you can lock down the permissions to not allow everyone access?

    You can create what you want by taking 2 machines off the domain and then getting the 2 machines to share folders and when you go to access them via "Network" it then prompts up asking for username and password?

    Let me know if you have made any progress on this.

  5. pjamme

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    IMHO if directories are shared then you must change the shared security or everyone will be able to access them. Shared files should only be on the server if one is present.
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